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Melissa Sanchez

I am an Encaustic Artist and Teacher.  I have a BA in Art Education from Humboldt State University.  I also earned a K-8 Teaching Credential  and Single Subject Art Credential from UCDavis.  I live in Santa Rosa, CA where I was born and raised. After retiring from kindergarten teaching I started focusing on my own art again. I have been working with Encaustic Paints for over 14 years.  I fell in love with this medium as a collage artist. I loved the way it allows me to merge dynamic elements.  I use encaustic wax , colored pigments, collage, copper, shellac and even glow pigments to create my paintings.  The blow torch incorporates the element of fire and movement. I am always learning and exploring.  I have been developing a body of work based on my explorations and experimentations with glow pigment and encaustic wax.  As I continue to perfect and fine tune these techniques I will keep sharing my progress.  I love making and sharing my one of a kind Encaustic Paintings with the world.  

Enjoy My Encaustic Dreams!

Instagram: @MelissaSanchezArtist

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