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Encaustic Demonstration

Pleasanton Art League will be having their Fall Exhibition at the Harrington Gallery inside the Firehouse Art Center 4444 Railroad Avenue, Pleasanton. I'll be exhibiting a Panel Piece called "Aloha Fashion Week" shown below.

On October 29th Saturday 1:00pm, I'll be demonstrating my work, and sharing with those that come to the demo, a variety of other techniques commonly used by Encaustic artists. All are Welcome!

ACCRETION - A gradual external addition, building UP.

EXCAVATION - Marking deep lines to show layers of color underneath or to carve then backfill with ink or other color wax to make lines and images.

EMBEDDED - Adding paper or items, to the wax commonly used when creating a Collage.

SHELLAC BURN - Brushing a thin layer of Shellac, letting it dry, then hitting it with a flame or heat gun.

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