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WAXING INTENSIVE: Abstract Intentions with Hot Wax & Mixed Media February 3-5, 2023

Friday- Sunday 10 am-4pm

Studio 55, 55 Howe Road, Martinez, CA

Tuition: $ 400 ( additional materials fee to instructor or $50)


INSTRUCTOR BRINGS : 1 Cradled, primed Birch Panels 8″x8” for each student Paint Brushes Encaustic Medium ( wax with damar resin) Encaustic Paint ( the rainbow spectrum plus white) Heat Guns, torches, heating surfaces ( electric griddles, fry pans) Graphite Powder, Charcoal powder Some scraping tools Some Collage tools Some Oil Pastels , soft pastels & Drawing Media, watercolor in spray bottles Tubs for pouring Wax


1.You will need 300 lb w/c paper or 4 or 8 ply museum board – 1 full sheet cut up in 8“ squares for exercises You should have several pieces for samplers 2. Your collection of watercolor, drawing, oil and collage materials including:Watercolor crayons, charcoal, oil pastels, water based graphite pencils, colored pencils, Oil paint sticks, graphite pencils. Wax loves Oil. No acrylic paint 3 Additonal Surfaces to work on: Must be Absorbent and Inflexible2 Wood *or prepared Encaustic panels—8”x8” up to 14”* 1/2″ birch or finished plywood is great


3 Bristle utility brushes , variety of sizes ½”, 1”, 2” – cheap are fine. Scissors, Tweezers, Collage materials: Papers, Threads, Xerox images, photos Masking Tape for stenciling—1/2 “ , 1” Rags/ Wear crummy clothes, bring an oven mitt The following mediums are entirely optional but extremely useful

Oil Paint Sticks ( Sennelier or R&F are best) Oil Pastels Woody Stabilo pencils Soft Pastels – both stick and/or Pan pastels

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