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Brushes for Encaustic & Cold Wax

Always select natural hair brushes for encaustic painting. Different hairs will produce different brush strokes. Small natural haired round, liner, wash, angular and fan brushes work in a vertical easel painting style. Natural chip and hake brushes work well when applying larger amounts of paint in a table-top horizontal fashion.


Brushes that are full and open bristled handle cold wax and other media well.

Where to Buy Brushes:


How to Clean Your Brushes:

  1. Remove excess paint on the side of your paint tin or palette. 

  2. Wipe remaining paint onto a paper towel.

  3. Clean brush in melted soy/paraffin wax and wipe on paper towel.

  4. Repeat this step until no color remains in bristles.

  5. Wash brush with soap and water and let dry.

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