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Rinat Goren

Rinat Goren was born and raised in Israel and moved to the US as a young adult. 

Growing up, Goren always created and observed art but only as an adult she recognized art as her calling, to be an artist. Starting with acrylic collages, she later discovered encaustic and immediately made the switch. Beeswax turned out to be perfect for layering her abstract work and creating depth and volume.

Goren is inspired by people around her who are thinkers, innovators, problem solvers and decision makers. She adores human’s unique ability to think and apply reason and her art conveys - abstractly - the process of thinking, forming a concept, ‘connecting the dots’ and making choices.


Goren participates in numerous juried and solo shows. Her work can be found in residences and companies in the Bay Area and the US.

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