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Encaustic Paint & Cold Wax


Encaustic Paint is an ancient medium that dates back to the Greeks. The Greek word "enkaustikos" actually means 'to heat.' Encaustic paint is a combination of beeswax and damar resin, and colors are created with dry pigments or oil paints. Painted in a molten state, heat is applied after it is brushed onto a sturdy and porous substrate such as board, plaster or paper, to name a few. This process is called "fusing." Most encaustic paintings are the result of many layers and fusing. Other materials such as oil paint, graphite, shellac and pigmented ink work well with the encaustic medium.

Cold wax is a combination of natural beeswax, mineral spirits and alkyd resin. Unlike encaustic painting, but as its name implies, heat is not required to work with this medium. After applying or blending the cold wax into oil paints, the mineral spirits evaporate, thus hardening the wax paste into a soft and textural surface.

Mixed-media or Multimedia Artworks on this site, are encaustic paint or cold wax artworks that include one or more additional art materials, such as: cloth, paper, plaster, pastels, clay or watercolors paints. Wax plays well with most art forms, so artists will often explore possibilities by incorporating different supplies and techniques while creating their art.

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