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Mira M. White

I am an artist who is also an art educator. World-wide circumstances have dictated that I develop my digital skills and am now teaching online courses in addition to on location classes and workshops. Teaching art became a significant aspect of my art practice very early- right out of graduate school. I have had the privilege of working with a great variety of students, and it is true that the instructor learns more from the student that does the student from the teacher. My orb of teaching has included artists ages 5-92, mostly in art centers and private studios. There is a careful balance required to maintain both a full teaching schedule and a professional art practice. I view the pendulum swing between the two as part of a perpetual continuum, sort of an eternal see-saw, in which I am continually striving for balance. I hold myself to very high standards and am not easily satisfied with my work- in any medium. It all seems a visual record of my journey toward a deeper understanding of Why Am I Here?

Mira M. White Nov.7, 2021

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