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Karen Buttwinick

As a Bay Area artist, I am surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty and interesting man-made structures. I explore themes relating to the political, natural and built environment, but also investigate color relationships, mark making, texture, composition and space. 


I was fortunate to grow up, surrounded by artists, at an art school my parents founded in Los Angeles. I learned to weld and was entranced, watching my oxy acetylene torch transform junk yard remnants into unique metal objects. Years later, I was captivated by the jewel-like, luminous and ethereal qualities of encaustic painting and was intrigued to find a medium where I could once again use a torch to transform. As an adult, I’ve experimented with printmaking, photography, acrylic painting and sculpture, but the ancient art of encaustic, with its mesmerizing flow of molten wax, ignites my creativity with its ability to integrate all of my preferred media. 


I find refuge in my art and paint to heal and restore, not only because I struggle with a chronic illness, but because I need an outlet to process the many challenges our society and planet currently face. I also create encaustic paintings and monotypes to soothe, provoke and inspire and hope the viewer will connect with my imagery on an intuitive and emotional level. 

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