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Do It Yourself Resources

This page offers options to save money by doing it yourself. Sometimes there are blueprints that you can buy, other times there are online instructions. Please read below to see what you can do!

Homemade Hot Plate - Make measurements to your liking and save money by building your own hot plates using this simple guide on Pinterest.

Homemade Encaustic Gesso - A traditional recipe from Mulranny Arts using rabbit skin glue. Includes 2 recipes!

Creating & Tinting Encaustic Gesso - All Things Encaustic teaches us how to make and tint encaustic gesso. Several recipes included!

Copy Paper - Watch this video to discover how to make your own transfers using multiple media.

Encaustic Medium - 15% damar to 85% beeswax recipe

Encaustic Medium - 5/1 or 8/1 Beeswax to damar resin

Encaustic Medium

Float Frame - Watch this video to discover how to build your own floater frame.

Mixing Colors - Great video on how to extend store bought colors and add dry pigments to your medium to make colors.

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