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Kim Cardoso

I'm originally from Baltimore, where I studied art and psychology, then worked as a job coach and metalsmith, showing jewelry along the Eastern Seaboard. In the mid 90’s, I moved to San Francisco to become a midwife. In 2013, in Mendocino, CA, I was introduced to the encaustic medium by Sue Stover over a weekend workshop. I bought encaustic supplies when I got home on Monday.


My work is a pursuit of letting go. I savor the craft-like method of encaustic painting in a meditative exploration of landscape, the body, memory, and emotion. The familiar texture and smell of wax recalls earth and skin and assists me in expressing a range of feeling. I am process oriented. I love the physicality of wax- the body and weight of it.  As each piece is constructed, heated, carved, and built again, painting mirrors the self care I need for a giving life.  I know my work is complete when it feels familiar and sensual and evokes a fresh connectedness.

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