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Glues & Adhesives

Per R & F Encaustic, the "best kind of glue for photographic papers is Matte Medium. Any archival glue, such as PVA glue can be used for handmade papers. If you are working large, it is a good idea to use a glue drying inhibitor such as methyl-cellulose in a 9 to 1 ratio:

9 parts PVA to 1-part methyl-cellulose"

For Photographs, Monotypes & Encaustic on Paper:

Lineco Neutral pH PVA Glue

Aleene's Tacky Glue

Talas Jade #403 PVA Adhesive

For Mounting Monotypes & Collage:

3M Scotch 568 Double Sided Adhesive - Double sided, odorless, dry adhesive on a roll. Able to reposition for a short time and becomes permanent once pressure is applied.

Gudy 870 (Gudy O) Mounting Adhesive - More unforgiving, but solid adhesion, link has application demonstration

UHU Glue Stick - for collage with small items

For Tight Spaces and Damage:

Art Glitter Glue - There is no glitter in this product, it's just the company's name. The small pointed tips of these glues helps with torn edges and in tight spaces.

.For 3-Dimensional & Encaustic Sculpture:

E6000 Glue - Bonds to glass, wood, plastics, tin, metal, ceramic, cement, rubber, vinyl, leather, fabric and much more. Temperature resistant. Won't damage photographs.

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