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Artist Communities

Looking for a supportive and uplifting group of people with whom you can share your artwork and grow with as artist? Check out some of these  great Artist Communities. 

NorCAL Wax - A Chapter of the International Encaustic Artists, this group of Cold Wax and Encaustic Artists build connections while working collectively to create exhibition opportunities, educate others, share resources and  go on group field trips. Artists help each other grow artistically and professionally through speaking events, art critiques, and other experiences.

Catalyst Art Lab with Jeff Hirst, Paula Roland, Helen Dannelly - Empowering artists through innovative teaching and an engaging membership community.


C2C - Carefully curated resources to support artists at every stage in their career.

Essence of Mulranny, Painting with Fire 2022/2023 - 26 world renowned Encaustic artists sharing their knowledge and expertise on all aspects of this wonderful medium plus you get to peek into their practice and see what is behind the scenes and what inspires them. 

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