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You must use your laptop or PC to post events on this website. You cannot use your smart phone.

1) Log in to the Events/Ask the Artist Page

2) If you are creating a new login and password, you may have to refresh the page.​

3) Select "Create A Post" button in the top right corner.

4) Follow instructions on form: Create a catchy title, write your post, add hashtags and images.

5) Edits to text are user friendly - simply highlight for the edit box to pop up.

6) Edits to entry, for example loading images, adding links, etc., are at the bottom of the form. Hover over the key image for a description of what each button does.

7) Follow directions after making your selection, and be sure to click "SAVE" if prompted after adding new information.
8) Images should be between 1 - 4 MB each.

8) Edits to image may be done by selecting the photograph.

9) Once your post is complete, click "PUBLISH."

10) Be sure to click on your avatar/photo in the top right corner to log off when you are done.

Make Changes After Publishing: By Logging in and clicking on the 3-dotted menu indicator in the top right corner of your event announcement. This menu gives you options to edit, delete, share, pin, or turn off comments. Log out when completed.

Questions? Email Melissa Stephens at

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